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Elim’s Mission Is RESTORATION


Elim’s Mission Is RESTORATION

It is our sincere Joy to “Reach & Teach” and work towards the Restoration of the Relationship between Humanity and our Creator. Following the rewarding directive of Jesus as He taught in Matthew 28:19 it is a great honor and joy to reach others with the Good news of Jesus Christ and to do all we can to make disciples of all nations starting with our local, vibrant and growing church body.

We have a passion for people, our city and our world. This church has a culture that is characterized by worship, the presence of God, family, revival, miracles and healings, and honor. Our rich history and leadership of multiple generations have shaped these as well as the following core values.

We are a Local Church body that is an active force in bringing positive change into the lives of individuals as well as local community – we have experienced the dynamic power of changing our world by changing lives from a local to a global level.

Elim Tabernacle has been focused on the restoration of relationship between mankind and God since 1943. We remain passionate about this because as we’ve discovered a very fulfilling need for Him. You will find at Elim a community of believers that will freely admit their imperfection and a concerted effort to be restored into what our creator intended.

We often refer to our faith as “apostolic,” which may not be a real common word in our culture today, but we like that word because we are really making ever effort to connect to the apostles at the very beginning of Christianity. While culture has changed over the past two millenniums, the truth taught in the Bible has not.

While recognizing that none of us are perfect we are trying to live through what we see the Scriptures are telling us. The following is a brief description of what we believe.

About the Bible:

The Bible is the true and inspired Word of God, complete for living today and forever.

About God:

There is only one God, who loves us immeasurably, and He reveals Himself to us as the Father in creation, the Son in redemption, and the Holy Spirit in regeneration.

Relationship with God:

Our number one priority is our personal relationship with God. Our primary life focus is to extend extravagant joy and gratitude to our great Creator.

Freedom through Salvation:

Salvation frees us from the power of the devil – sin, lies, sickness and torment.

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